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Special Events

June 5

Volunteer Day with Hickok and Boardman Insurance

Our garden is set to be planted! Employees from Hickok and Boardman Insurance will be rolling up their sleeves and will be working shovels, rakes, and hoes to prepare our garden for the growing season.  Mayo Healthcare’s gardens are so important to residents for its beauty and for the fond memories of planting and harvesting.  We are fortunate to have many volunteers enriching the lives of residents by sharing their time and passions.  For more information on volunteering at Mayo healthcare contact Kim Marcotte at gro.c1498299489hoyam1498299489@etto1498299489cramK1498299489 or call 485-3161.

June 21, 12:00pm

Annual Father's Day Barbecue and Antique Car Show

What better way to honor fathers than to hold a barbecue and car show!  Dads all around the world will be celebrated in June for their invaluable presence in our lives.  Our Father’s Day barbecue and car show is a much anticipated annual event that evokes many smiles as memories of years past are enjoyed.  A big thank you to our community for their support.

June 29, 2:00pm

Guest Speaker on Avoiding Scams

Financial exploitation is an important topic that unfortunately touches many lives.  The elderly are especially vulnerable to financial scams and education is the first line of defense for prevention.  In response to the increase in this type of crime, the state of Vermont has created a task force to educate seniors and the disable on different types of scams and how to avoid them.  We welcome you to join us and help put an end to the financial and emotional toll this type of crime causes.  Contact Kathi Tynan to reserve a spot, 485-3161, gro.c1498299489hoyam1498299489@nany1498299489tK1498299489.


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