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Special Events

May 8, 2:30 pm

Live performance - " Corrie ten Boom "

This is a one person dramatic portrayal of hope and inspiration. Evelyn Hinds as Corrie tells her amazing story of being part of the WWII underground rescue of Jews during the Holocaust, her imprisonment and release from a Nazi death camp, and later as a Righteous Gentile traveling the world to share her story. This performance is free and open to the public. Please call 485-3161 or email gro.c1527083277hoyam1527083277@muco1527083277lsV1527083277 to reserve a spot.

May 10, 2:30 pm

Bill Torrey, "Stories From Behind the Barn"

Bill Torrey, Woodsman, Author and Storyteller, grew up on a Vermont farm. A 6th generation Vermonter, he tells the tales of his childhood.

“Bill Torrey is a storyteller too pure to be real and too funny to be believed. Spend a little time with him, though, and you realize he’s that one in a million person who has lived his life fully- felt it, loved it, and knows how to talk about it.” ~Tom Bodett

Join us and take a trip down memory lane as we enjoy “Stories From Behind the Barn.”

May 14, 2:00 pm

Annual Mother's Day Tea with music by Arthur Zorn

Mother’s Day is a special time for us to pause and honor the important roles mothers play in our lives. This is their day and we honor it with an afternoon tea and beautiful music by Arthur Zorn.

May 22, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Collective Goods Gift and Book Fair

We will be hosting a book and gift sale through the Collective Goods company.  This is a wonderful opportunity for easy shopping and intergenerational connections.  We welcome Mayo family and friends to visit and enjoy.

May 18, 6:15 pm

Red Carpet Prom, 2018 Fashion Show

It is that time of year when excitement is in the air for young adults as they make their plans and select their gowns for the prom. We will enjoy our own personal fashion show presented by Northfield High School students highlighting 2018 prom attire and reminiscing about our own proms.

May 30, 6:30 pm

Memorial Service

At Mayo Healthcare our hearts are touched daily by our residents. We share moments of laughter and joy as well as times of sorrow. Our memorial service is an evening of remembrance and gives family, residents, and staff the opportunity to pay tribute to those who have passed on but remain forever in our memories.

May 31, 3:15 pm

Guest Speaker Tracy Roux, Vermont Assistive Technology

Guest speaker, Tracy Roux with Vermont Assistive Technology

Our world becomes smaller when it becomes difficult to navigate. Tracy Roux with Vermont Assistive Technology will educate us on assistive devices available to those impacted by a disability. There are thousands of devices available to help improve your quality of life. Whether you have difficulty with opening a can of food due to arthritis, reading your favorite book due to a vision impairment, or conversing with a friend because of hearing loss, Vermont Assistive Technology will work with you to find the right tool to improve your specific situation.

Join us and learn how to open your world.


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