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As we celebrate National Assisted Living week we will celebrate the rich histories of the inspiring people in our community.  We will complete the week with festivals and fairs, slide shows, and music.  Help us capture the moments that are so important in our lives.

September 12, 2:30pm

Fall Festival

County festivals are a celebration of harvest time and community.  Mayo’s Fall Festival will not disappoint.  Music will fill the air as your taste buds are tantalized with old fashioned fried dough, your skills  tested by games, and your heart is touched by our petting zoo.  Please join us for a most enjoyable time!

September 14, 9:00am

Outing to the Tunbridge Fair

It’s that time again!  For many, the highlight of the summer was going to the fair.  The Tunbridge Fair brings old time memories alive.  Step back in time and partake in the multitude of nostalgic activities- oxen pulls, contra dancing, antiques, country stores, and even pig racing!

September 18, 2:30pm

Guest Speaker, Willow Hecht, on Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary for exotic wild cats located in Tampa, Florida. Offering protection to those abused and a home to those abandoned, Big Cat Rescue has cared for tigers, lions, lynxes, jaguars, leopards, bobcats and other exotic felines.  Join us and listen to stories of Willow’s work as Education Director and Senior Keeper at Big Cat Rescue.  Learn what is important for us to understand when it comes to exotic animal welfare.

September 26, 2:30pm

Classical music with the Piatigorsky Foundation

Each year we are taken on a beautiful musical journey with the Piatigorsky Foundation.  Their mission is simple yet monumental:

By performing in non-traditional venues, our musicians weave extraordinary concerts into the fabric of everyday life. Intimate, accessible, informative and downright ravishing, our concerts bring joy to every community we serve.

This year we are treated to the musical creations of cellist, Evan Drachman, and piano accompaniment, Mary Au.  Join us for this truly moving performance.


September 27, 3:30pm

Diabetes Basic with Jen Stratton of the Gifford Medical Center

Over 29 million Americans have Diabetes and 1 in 4 don’t even know it.  Diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect nearly every organ in your body.  Management of diabetes is quite effective but knowledge is the first step.  Join us and learn more fully about what exactly diabetes is, how to recognize symptoms, and what management entails. This class is free and open to the public. Please contact Kathi Tynan at rogro1537792176.choy1537792176am@na1537792176nytk1537792176 802-485-3161 to reserve a spot.


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